Web Tabulator

The LIS Web Tabulator (Web Tab) is a secure Java application that allows users to design and generate cross-national descriptive tables based on the underlying LIS datasets without the need for programming.

Although the Web Tab is available to the general public, you must register to use it.

NOTE: LISSY registered users can access the Web Tab with their current user ID and password.

Available Datasets and Variables

LIS Web Tabulator includes datasets starting from Wave V. At this point, the Web Tab includes household-level data only. The Web Tab contains standardised indicators, including multiple indicators of real household income (e.g., poverty and inequality measures), as well as demographic and labour market variables.
Warning: We have not yet revised the data that underlie the Web Tabulator results to reflect the new microdata template.

List of  Datasets
List of Variables

Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs)

All income variables have been converted from nominal local currency units to 2005 international dollars. Expressing income amounts in PPP terms is common in comparing incomes across countries and results in incomes that hold roughly equal purchasing power measured in international prices. The conversion was done by applying first a national price deflator to the nominal amounts to express them in terms of year 2005 prices. Those amounts were then converted to international dollars using purchasing power parities. The national deflators and PPPs were taken from the OECD when available, and from the World Development Indicators when not.

LIS has applied a set of PPPs and deflators to the currencies in the Web Tabulator.