Job Submission Mode

Submit through JSI

  Prior to running the JSI, the Java Runtime Environment (JRE 1.7+) must be installed on your computer. Download the latest version of JRE

Once connected to LISSY with the userid and password received during the registration process, you can

  • Write and submit statistical requests in R, SAS, SPSS and Stata (Job Session Pane)
  • Track job status and view both job request and resulting listing (Today Job Pane)
  • Manage (view, clean and search) all job requests you ever sent (Job Library Pane)

Submit Jobs via Email

Job requests can be submitted by emailing LISSY at Three requirements must be met in order for LISSY to process jobs, regardless of the programming language used.

  • All emails must be sent in ASCII/plain text format. Ensure your email software is properly configured
  • All job instructions must be written inside the body of the email and not as an attachment
  • Each job must start exactly with a specific four-line header at the very beginning of the email body:
*user = your_userid
*password = your_password (case-sensitive)
*package = statistical_package_chosen  (SAS, SPSS, Stata or R)
*project = project_to_access (LIS or LWS)

Note that, for security reasons, the output of all job requests will be returned to the email registered in LISSY.

Once one of the two submission mode chosen, you can you write and submit your job syntax using one of the statistical language proposed.

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