Job Submission

There are two ways to submit jobs – either through a Job Submission Interface (JSI) or by email.

Job Submission Interface
Email Submission

Access the LIS Online Self-Teaching Package in order to familiarize yourself with the job submission process.

In order for LISSY to process user requests properly, a few exceptions to the usual statistical program syntax are required:

Statistical Packages

The statistical packages currently available in the LISSY system are:

SAS 9.3 64-bit
Stata 12.1

Dataset Calling

LISSY relies on a three-stage built-in alias to access LIS microdatasets. Here are examples of aliases properly identified by LISSY

&AU01h to access the LIS 2001 household Australian dataset (SAS)
$se02w to access the LWS 2002 household Swedish dataset (Stata)

The three general rules for calling a dataset are as follows:

  1. Start with a statistical package-specific heading to point to the alias:
  2. Package Heading
    SAS &
    Stata $
  3. This is followed by a dataset abbreviation concatenating the two-digit ISO country code with the last two-digits of the reference year. The country and year four-digit abbreviations can be found in the LIS Datasets Information, in the column labeled “Dataset”.
  4. End the alias with the one- to two-letter abbreviation used to identify the specific type of dataset within each database:
  5. Database Database Type Letter Code
    Household File h
    Person File p
    LWS Household File w


  • Please note that Stata is case-sensitive. Be certain to refer to Stata aliases in lower case.
  • For SAS users working with the LIS Wave V datasets, a reference to a format catalog is mandatory. To prevent any SAS formatting errors, make use of the OPTION NOFMTERR SAS option.