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Cross-national descriptive tables based on the underlying LIS datasets can be designed and generated with the Web Tabulator (WebTab). All displayed results can be exported in ASCII/plain text.

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Datasets and Variables

The WebTab includes all LIS countries – with the exception of Taiwan – starting from Wave I. It comprises three types of standardised measures:

  • Individual-level data on household and individual income measures expressed in 2011 international dollars
  • Household-level poverty and distribution measures
  • A series of individual socio-demographic and labour market characteristics

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Available Statistics

Summary Income Statistics

  • Univariate tables including a selection of basic descriptive (mean, standard deviation, 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th, 90th and 95th percentile, and Gini index) for one or more income variables separately
  • Cross-classified tables that gives one summary statistic (mean, standard deviation or median) for one or several income variables cross-tabulated by two discrete variables

Distributions of Socio-demographic and Labour Market Characteristics

  • Univariate frequency tables (counts or percentages) for one or more variables separately
  • Cross-classified frequency tables (total, by row or by column) of two cross-tabulated variables

Methodological Notes

When building up the Web tabulator variables, LIS has taken a set of methodological decisions on weights, currencies, unit of analysis, and so on …

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LIS’ rules for citation

Users of the Web Tabulator are required to cite the data source in their list of references. As suggested by the Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition, 2007) pp 753-754 (17.358), LIS requests that authors use the following format.